ALON 2 Projector

ALON 2 Projector

The ALON luminaire offers the best solution for lighting tunnels, bridges, main and secondary roads, parking lots, airports, open areas and billboards.


The ALON projector thanks to its design, is easy to maintain and clean, as well as being aerodynamic due to its smooth curves, giving it less resistance to wind, avoiding accumulations and turbulence.

The Reflector is made of high purity aluminum and with a tempered-glass diffuser, it is resistant to impact and thermal shock.

Its design achieves better photometric distribution and scope.

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Data sheet

Escenarios Deportivos
Puentes Bajos
Frame Size
250 W
400 W
600 W
Metal Halide


Catálogo Proyector Alon 2
Catálogo Proyector Alon 2 (1.13M)

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