The SOLARIS Luminaire offers the best solution for lighting urban and rural secondary roads, residential roads and streets, walkways, pedestrian and bike paths.


The SOLARIS  luminaire has a design that prevents the entry of contaminating materials in order to provide optimal and constant values of photometric properties throughout its useful life and reducing maintenance costs.

The resistance to high impact, is thanks to the optical assembly and the housing is made of cast aluminum foil and the lid is cast in aluminum, with an excellent finish, high strength and light. The coating with electrostatic and bake leme type paint, delivers excellent finishes, both visual and technical.

The high luminosity delivered by the SOLARIS luminaire is thanks to the high purity, polished and anodic oxidized luminaire reflector which protects its brightness. Thanks to its engineered design, it offers optimal photometric results.

The diffuser made of smooth, tempered, flat glass, resistant to physical impact and thermal shock, offers extra protection. Its design and structure achieves an extensive and uniform photometric distribution of luminous flux, that allows a greater distance between the luminaires.

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Data sheet

Senderos Peatonales
Vías Residenciales
Vías Urbanas
Frame Size
50 W
70 W
Sodio alta presión


Catálogo Solaris 70
Catálogo Solaris 70 (547.79k)

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