The ORION luminaire offers a range of excellent alternatives for lighting main roads, motorways and road complexes, with high vehicle density and with medium and high circulation speeds.


The ORION luminaire comes in multiple versions that guarantee watertightness in the electrical assembly up to IP 44, and in the optical assembly up to IP 66, thus preventing the entry of contaminant materials, in order to provide optimal and constant values of the photometric properties throughout its lifespan and reduce maintenance costs.

The housing is made of aluminum, with an excellent finish, highly resistant to impact and lightweight. The coating is made with TGIC-type paint of electrostatic application and bakeable, guaranteeing excellent finishes and long life.

It is a reflector made of high-strength aluminum, with anodically polishing and oxidizing to protect its shine. Thanks to its design, it offers optimal photometric results. As a design rule, dimensionally suitable reflectors are used for each (type of) power. This is intended to ensure the lifespan of the bulbs, according to IEC662.

The ORION luminaire has a setting system, which allows several bulb positions, according to the type of illumination.

Its diffuser is manufactured in smooth, tempered, curved glass, resistant to physical impact and thermal shock. Its design achieves a photometric, extensive and uniform distribution of the luminous flux, that allows greater distance between luminaires.

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Data sheet

Vías Urbanas
Frame Size
100 W
250 W
Metal Halide
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Catálogo Orion
Catálogo Orion (424.72k)

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