Universal Projector

Universal Projector

The UNIVERSAL PROJECTOR offers the best solution for lighting sports arenas, open parking areas, building facades and monuments and large areas in general, by means of posts or towers.


The UNIVERSAL REFLECTOR has a packaging and hooks system that guarantees watertightness in the optical and electrical assemblies, IP 65, which makes it suitable for outdoor use. For greater safety, a pressure relief valve has been installed to compensate for the high pressures inside the reflector.

The reflector is constructed of high-grade aluminum, polished and anodized to protect its brightness, to improve the lighting experience, an auxiliary concealing reflector was added, making the projector optimal for efficiently illuminating large areas.

Its structure made of cast aluminum and finished with TGIC paint of electrostatic and bakable application, gives it mechanical resistance and durability in its finishes. This is a remote installation component that houses the electrical assembly.

The diffuser is flat and made of tempered glass, highly-resistant to impact and thermal shock.

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Frame Size
1500 W
2000 W
Metal Halide


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Catálogo Proyector Universal (383.03k)

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