River Parks / Parques del Río - Medellin

River Parks / Parques del Río - Medellin

Parques del Río / River Parks Medellín is an integral and strategic project of urban, public space and mobility transformation, that turns the Medellin River into the city and region's environental and public space hub.


Parques del Río (River Park), is an urban environmental transformation and renewal project of the Medellin River, to connect the city efficiently with mobility, public space, complementary construction and environmental intervention. Engineering and urban planning work hand in hand to make the Medellin River the main meeting point for citizens.


Environmental: it seeks to harmonize the relationship between the River and its tributaries, fauna, flora and other environmental components of the project.

Urban-architectural: this refers to the integration of urbanism with public space, the landscaping of the park and its connectivity, framed within the urban renewal processes of the city.

Social: it seeks to strengthen the socio-cultural relationships that are woven between the population and the Medellin River Park.

Mobility: this refers to the longitudinal and transverse mobility of vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles along the Medellin River Park.

From CELSA, we provide products to each of the components. We contribute to protecting the environment with low energy consumption, to obtain ideal lighting of the recreational areas for passers-by, where families find a suitable and safe environment to enjoy Medellin.

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