Interchangeable Fuse Isolator IX

Interchangeable Fuse Isolator IX

The INTERCHANGEABLE FUSE ISOLATORS IX have been developed to withstand the stress caused during the closing and opening of power grids, especially the stress caused by short-circuit currents and they are manufactured for rated voltages between 15 kV and 38 kV.



INTERCHANGEABLE FUSE ISOLATOR IX provides overcurrent protection for primary distribution systems. Type IX circuit breakers are manufactured for voltage levels from 7.8 / 15 kV to 38 kV, With rated currents up to 300 A and interrupt currents up to 12 kA, asymmetric single venting and up to 20 kA double ventaving asymmetric to protect transformers, capacitor banks and transmission lines against loads and short-circuit currents.


success in fuse isolator IX design is the mechanical interchangeability of the fuse holder. Type IX circuit breakers eliminate the need to maintain a stock of fuse holders for each cut-off mark supplied. They are designed to be interchangeable with circuit breakers of other brands within the same voltage level; additionally they have been designed and approved according to ANSI C37.41 (NTC 2132) and ANSI C37.42 (NTC 2133).


Can be applied on any three-phase or single-phase system that has a line-line voltage less than or equal to the maximum voltage of shortcircuit design and on single-phase line-ground or three-phase ground-star circuits.

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