Station-Type Polymeric Lightning Rod

Station-Type Polymeric Lightning Rod

THE STATION-TYPE LIGHTNING ROD offers surge protection for electrical substations and is manufactured for rated voltages between 15 kV and 60 kV



Station-type lightning rods have been designed and tested according to NTC 4389 standards. IEC 60099-4:2001 and ANSI C 62.11.


Station-type lightning rods incorporate the latest technology in metal oxide varistors (ZnO) and in the design of insulators in polymeric material, with a highly non-linear resistance feature, water resistant.


The operation of the lightning rod is typical of metal oxide varistors. Under stable state conditions the ground line rated voltage is fully applied to its terminals. When a surge occurs, the lightning rod limits overvoltage to the required levels of protection, leading the resulting current to ground.

Once the overvoltage condition has passed, it regains its non-linear high strength characteristic by leading to a small leakage current. To learn all the features and technical details, we invite you to download all the documentation by Clicking here