We got the AEO status
   07/23/2021 18:20:48
We got the AEO status

CELSA stands out as one of the 140 companies in Colombia with the qualification of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). Obtaining this qualification means being a trusted operation, with high security standards to guarantee the reliability of the developments and operations in which it arbitrates as an importer and exporter.

In the global scope, the AEO qualification is essential to guarantee and facilitate international trade, based on the established relationship of voluntary association and mutual trust between Customs and the private sector.

Having this qualification encourages us to maintain the implementation of good practices in various areas and countries, to continue working on the continuous improvement of our security processes, reputation and image protection, and the development of an organization in which its culture is oriented towards identification and risk management for the international supply chain, in each of the organization's processes.

Similarly, it encourages our suppliers and customers throughout the supply chain to implement minimum security standards, which derive in benefits that will allow them to strengthen business relationships, based on the principles of security and trust generated by working with them.

This process has had a positive transversal impact on all areas of the organization. We worked for more than 3 years in the preparation of the standards that allowed us to obtain this qualification before the DIAN. We learned from this process the following: We obtained evidence of the fundamentals of teamwork, the synchronization of processes and alignment with the objectives. We also understood and took advantage of the benefits that this entire improvement process brings, understanding the reason for each of the standards and the risks that are intended to be controlled. We acquired awareness of their impact on our processes in order to give continuity to the business.

With this in mind, we take a step forward in our improvement process, which allows us to continue strengthening our commercial relationships with our customers and suppliers.


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