LED Lyra

LED Lyra

The Lyra LED luminaire is designed to provide smooth, well-controlled lighting and pleasant ornamentation, wherever it's installed. It is a product for lighting walkways, parks, plazas, gardens, boardwalks, bike routes, pedestrian paths, residential areas and recreation centers.


The LED Lyra luminaire is designed to meet high standards in multiple uses. Its external structure is made of aluminum, which makes it light and resistant. The excellent finishes given by electrostatic TGIC paint, withstand severe impact and are not affected by UV rays.

Uno de los retos para la luminosidad es el difusor con un tipo lente diseñado para óptimos resultados fotométricos, cuidando de no perder su alta resistencia al impacto (PETG) y protección UV.

The LEDs have a temperature of 3000K and 5000K. The life expectancy is more than 50,000 hours, proven by high-demand laboratory tests. Failure of one or more LEDs does not affect the performance of the others.

To learn all the features and technical details of this luminaire, we invite you to download all the documentation by Clicking here