AA Inducom

AA Inducom

The INDUCOM luminaire offers the best solution for lighting: industrial production plants, storage warehouses, large commercial areas, commercial areas and auditoriums.


The INDUCOM luminaire comes in two versions, both in aluminium, each according to the needs of the customer and the environment where installation is required.

INDUCOM – AA: This luminaire is open type and has no diffuser glass.

INDUCOM – AC: Closed type luminaire, in glass or polycarbonate. It ensures watertightness in its electrical assembly, and in its optical assembly, preventing the entry of materials that may cause deterioration and affect the life of the elements or possible interference in the efficiency of the luminaire.

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Data sheet

Centros Comerciales
Frame Size
250 W
400 W
Metal Halide
Sodio alta presión


Catálogo Inducom  AA
Catálogo Inducom AA (733.55k)

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