Senderita (small path)

Senderita (small path)

The SENDERITA luminaire is excellent in the application of lighting facades, walkways and pedestrian paths.


The SENDERITA luminaire is an excellent choice for lighting decoration. It has been developed for this purpose, with all the engineering and design in photometric distributions, which allow to meet the needs in lighting when thinking about the new requirements of design and modern architecture.

The housing is an aluminum pipe body. The materials have excellent finishes, high impact resistance and are lightweight. The bakable electrostatic paint gives it extra protection.

The reflector is constructed of high-grade aluminum with a chemical, glossy surface finish and anodic treatment to guarantee its shine over time.

The refractor properties are present thanks to UV-protected polycarbonate. Its resistance to mechanical impact and thermal shock are an extra feature in this Luminaire.

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Data sheet

Frame Size
70 W
Sodio alta presión


Catálogo Senderita
Catálogo Senderita (658.69k)

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