DEAR CUSTOMER, please take into account the following aspects in order to make the correct use of the Warranty, to which you have the right, if needed.


To initiate the warranty process, you must inform the CELSA Post-Sale Service Department and the Sales Representative of the detected flaw or anomaly and obtain the consecutive Return Material Authorization (RMA) number.

To request the RMA, the following information must be provided, at the least:

  • - Description of the product that has the problem
  • - Number of defective units
  • - Detailed description of the problem
  • - Product Invoice Number

The faulty goods must be physically identified with this RMA number and delivered to CELSA to be checked by our Technical Department.

Celsa’s Post-Sale Service contact information is as follows:

POST-SALE SERVICE (Sergio Lara) (+57-4) 3755500 Ext 5542

Products reported for warranty must be shipped to the CELSA plant, located in the City of Guarne – Antioquia – Colombia:

Medellin-Bogotá Highway, Kilometer 26.
Cincuentenario Industrial Park (Parque Industrial Cincuentenario - PIC)
Vereda la Honda (la Honda Sector)

Products must be marked with the RMA number assigned by the Post Sale Service Department and must have their original label, which includes manufacture date and product code. The products must be packed in boxes with appropriate protection, in such a way that they are not damaged during shipping to the factory. CELSA is not responsible for damage, theft or loss during shipment. If shipped by CELSA, it is very important that upon receiving your order, you make sure that your products have arrived in good condition. When receiving the goods, if the physical anomalies of the product are not stipulated on the shipping guide, CELSA will NOT accept the (warranty) claim.

Once the faulty products are at CELSA, our technical department will proceed to make a diagnostic of the problem, where the Product Warranty will be determined. Post-Sale Service or the Sales Representative will inform the customer of the delivery time of the goods under warranty.

When the reported product is under warranty, CELSA will pay shipping costs from the factory to the customer's address, where the goods were originally shipped to.

In the event that the product is not under warranty, Post-Sale Service or the Sales Representative will contact the customer to inform them of the non-coverage of the warranty, send them the technical, product evaluation report and offer the customer the possibility of repairing the product for a fee.

If the customer agrees to repair the product for a fee, the repair will be done and the Sales Representative or Post-Sale Service will contact the customer to inform them of delivery time.

If the customer does not respond within 8 business days after CELSA communicates the cost of repairing the product, it will be returned to the customer unrepaired, with shipping at the customer's expense.


This warranty is limited solely to the replacement or repair of the supplied product and does not cover costs of opportunity, use and other costs due to the loss, stoppage or unavailability of the service.

All our products have a limited warranty period which is specified in this document.

Product returns are received for inspection and do not imply acceptance of the warranty. To maintain warranty, the product must not be modified, altered or treated in any way with chemical agents or otherwise.

In case CELSA does recognize the defect under warranty, CELSA will decide, at its own discretion, to repair or replace the product with equal or equivalent products, taking into account the technical evolution of the product and its components.

The customer will pay the shipment of the product for the warranty claim and Celsa will cover the cost of returning the product, if it is under warranty.

Warranties will only be sent and received from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The time under warranty varies according to the product family and are as follows, unless the terms of contract explicitly specify a different warranty period.

Conventional Street Lighting Luminaires 1 YEAR Unless specified otherwise by contract terms.
LED AP Public Lighting Luminaires Defined in contract or order As agreed upon in contract or with the customer.
Conventional Interior Luminaires 1 YEAR Unless specified otherwise by contract terms.
Interior LED luminaires 3 YEAR Unless specified otherwise by contract terms.
Conventional protective equipment 1 YEAR Unless specified otherwise by contract terms.
Special protective equipment Defined in contract or order.
Public telephones Defined in contract or order.

The warranty period begins on the date of invoice of the merchandise, unless the terms of contract explicitly specify a different warranty period.


Warranty does not include:

  • - Labor costs and expenses for assembly and disassembly of the product, or the costs of tools, storage or any other extra costs resulting from any work necessary to repair the defect.
  • - Damages such as: breaking or fissures that were not informed at the time the customer received the product.
  • - Vandalism, misuse, improper handling, accidental or unavoidable damage (electric discharge, electric storm, flood, fire, earthquake).
  • - Damage caused by: electrical or electronic conditions different than those guaranteed for normal equipment operation, civil unrest, power surges, inadequate power supply, excessive electric current fluctuations, installation in corrosive environment, induced vibration, oscillation or harmonic resonance associated with the movement of air currents around the product, not following the installation described in the manual, not following maintenance indications or environmental instructions designated by CELSA or applicable electrical codes.
  • - Damage caused by: operating conditions outside the temperature range specified for the product, equipment repaired or modified by personnel not authorized by CELSA, damage caused by installation and improper maintenance carried out by third parties.
  • - When the following is visible, inside or out: burnt, broken, scratched, cut, missing parts in the product, incorrect objects introduced or used for mechanical or electrical maintenance or that affect the use or normal functionality of the product.
  • - Damage to the product in shipping, when not CELSA’s responsibility.
  • - When products shipped under warranty, arrive in inadequate packaging or are damaged during transport.
  • - When it is found that the damage was caused by improper storage of the product.
  • - When any modification to the original product is found.