Provide products and services, which meet the requirements and expectations of our customers in a timely manner, work with reliable suppliers, maintain permanent employee development to ensure a competent and motivated staff, ensure a healthy and safe working environment for employees and anyone concerned, work to protect and care for the environment, continuously improve products and processes; to ensure the permanence of the organization.

To ensure the achievement of our objectives, we are committed to:

  • → Continuous improvement of the performance of the Management System.
  • → Complying with the legal requirements applicable to the Management System.
  • → Awareness of our staff in the Management System.
  • → Waste prevention and rational use of resources.
  • → Management and treatment of our environmental aspects and impacts.
  • → Establishment of environmentally friendly technologies.
  • → Hazard identification, risk assessment and establishment of corresponding measures.
  • → Protect the safety and health of all workers and those involved, taking action to prevent injuries, sickness and emergencies.
  • → Compliance with applicable labor (risk) regulations.
  • → Develop strategies to prevent alcohol, tobacco and other types of drug abuse.

▶ Everyone who works at Celsa S.A.S., is responsible for compliance in participating in activities that are scheduled and carried out.

▶ All those interested are responsible for the application of the provisions established and disclosed by Celsa S.A.S in this policy.

▶ Senior management will review the guidelines of this policy annually, to assess its relevance and, if necessary, will adjust and allocate the necessary financial, human and technical resources for its implementation.

** Management System made up of: Environmental Management (SGA), Quality (SGC) and Occupational Safety and Health (SG-SST)

 Quality Certification: ISO 9001 SC - 094  See 1  See 2  See 3

Quality Certification: Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001  See

Quality Certification: Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015 TR- CO19.00511  See