The CNC punching process offers a service with innovative and flexible technology, with the ability to produce individual parts with different shapes, in small, medium and large production series, with features such as:

  • - Excellent cost-value
  • - Compact dimensions
  • - Speed
  • - High accuracy
  • - Planning
  • - No scratches
  • - Smart, open-command technology
  • - Excellent delivery time
Punzonadora CNC
Torno CNC


The CNC lathe offers a service in which parts are obtained with features such as:

  • - Complex designs and varied geometric shapes
  • - Tolerance control
  • - Complex machine cycles
  • - High accuracy
  • - High and fast production capacity
  • - Optimization to perform several operations simultaneously
  • - Smart, open-command technology
  • - Excellent delivery time


The CNC machining center performs operations by means of a code system and our machine has a magazine that allows the exchange of 20 tools simultaneously to comply with:

  • - Flexibility in service
  • - Excellent accuracy
  • - High quality-control
  • - Complex designs
  • - Excellent delivery time


Arc welding with robots offers many advantages, not only improves finished welding and productivity, but is also cost-effective.

Our TIG and MIG welding integrates the best technology to deliver customized solutions that meet your demands with specifications such as:

  • - Less weld distortion
  • - Reduced cycle and schedule times
  • - Better welding positions
  • - Large volume productions
  • - Optimized welding performance
  • - Increased productivity


Our aluminum injection process provides the technological solution by producing high-pressure injection aluminum alloy parts. The injection service features characteristics such as:

  • - Economic manufacturing for low cycle times
  • - High production speeds
  • - Operation for large volume productions
  • - Parts free of defects and good resistance
  • - Dimensional accuracy
  • - Repetitiveness in the production series
  • - Closing capacity: 750 tons
  • - Competitive production with the best quality


Our service offers a continuous electrostatic powder painting process, which includes the following stages: 

Surface preparation: The preparation tunnel has 12 stages: degrease, drain 1, rinse, drip dry, phosphate, drain 2, rinse, drip dry 3, sealing, drain 4. This continuous process ensures the metal surface serves as an anchor when receiving the paint.

Drying: The drying tunnel is set at 120º Centigrade, which ensures that moisture is entirely removed from the part.

Polymerize: The polymerized furnace is set at 180º Centigrade and has a length that guarantees the part is inside the oven for 30 minutes and has a drying curve that makes the part be at least 15 minutes at the polymerization temperature.