CELSA founded on August 5, 1971, has seen the transformation of the lighting market, in which we are living under a whole splendor, product of new technical requirements, the consolidated development of aesthetic attributes and the creation of new and greater institutional and residential architectural design standards.


We offer comprehensive engineering solutions in the energy, lighting and telecommunications markets, through competent and motivated personnel, excellence in service and environmental awareness to generate value for our shareholders and society.


Achieve sustained and profitable company growth, with recognition on the market thanks to the excellence of our products and services, through development and permanence in new markets and the incorporation of innovative solutions into the portfolio.



Today, the need to consider the efficiency and sustainability of the design and the products used in construction is growing globally. So CELSA and its allied suppliers are committed to:

  • - Design and manufacture of efficient lighting products.

  • - Generate sustainable lighting designs with less (electricity) consumption that offers an attractive return on investment and greater productivity from employees.

  • - Invest in new technology research and development.


On time delivery on-site, set according to the projects needs and schedule.

Integration of lighting designs and electrical networks into the architectural and engineering designs of each project. This is done through a CELSA INHOUSE in its Design and Engineering Department, that is available to support them technically, in everything within our reach.

Reduced operating and maintenance costs, through the supply of high quality standard lighting equipment, extended guarantees and up to 60,000 hours of use. In addition, in case of any eventuality that may arise in operation and maintenance, we have an extensive inventory of materials, to give a very swift response and decrease operating and maintenance downtime.

We minimize impact on the environment through high-efficiency lighting solutions, always seeking to optimize energy consumption through innovative lighting designs and highly efficient and competitive equipment. We are committed to improving the environment by implementing good environmental practices; seeking to prevent, mitigate, and compensate for the impacts created in their production processes.

Technical Accompaniment (Follow Up)
Our business proposal is based on engineering solutions that are always in compliance with current regulations and laws. This is why in our projects, we offer accompaniment in the LEED certification process, if required and additionally, if it is an organization accredited by ONAC, for our projects under the RETILAP and RETIE standards.

Continuous Training
Academic agendas aimed at strengthening knowledge in sustainable construction, energy efficiency, new lighting technologies and any other topic of interest that is considered of importance.