Monitoring system for power distribution networks








The SGR-2 developed by CELSA is an integral solution for power distribution utilities, it helps to improve their response time and their service quality ratings, meet regulations and enhance their system reliability


The system has two parts:





To monitor the line’s conditions  (current and voltage)  IP66 (IEC60529) IK08




Receives and stores the data sent by the FCI-2 and send them to the SCADA using  GPRS or radio using IEC 60870.5-104 protocol. IP54 (IEC60529) IK07







The FCI-2 are fixed on the distribution lines, they indicate with luminous cadences the detected faults, which are also sent to the FWT200 via RF. The FWT200 (data hub) sends this information to the SCADA using the GPRS network, or RF using the IEC 60870.5-104 protocol.


.The SicPRO FWT is software tool to ease the management,  diagnostics and configuration for both FWT 200 hubs and FCI-2 fault circuit indicators.
.Simplifies management tasks without replace nor interfere with the communication between the SGR-2 and the SCADA system.
.Windows OS operation
.The communication with the hubs can be either through serial port or TCP/IP protocol.
.SicPro reads and modify parameters, reads the counter's register (fault total and currents data) and alarms events.





SGR-2 Diagram






Configuración 1



Configuración 2