Digital electronic sectionalizer

Electronic sectionalizer
Electronic sectionalizer with arc chute interrupter

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Voltage (max kV)

15 27 35
BIL (kV) 110 125  150 - 170
Counts 1 a 4 1 a 4 1 a 4

hort time current
withstand (kA) 1 sec

8 8 8



The SIX-DG (interchangeable electronic sectionalizer) is a device capable of automatically disconnect faulted sections on power distribution system; typically installed downstream of a recloser or breaker. After a fault has been sensed, the SIX-DG counts the actuations of the up-stream associated recloser or circuit breaker

After reaching the number of pre-programmed recloser actuation count, and when the recloser is open, the SIX-DG actuates and isolates the line’s faulted section. This operation allows the recloser or circuit breaker to close and reestablish service on fault free zones. If the fault is temporary, the SIX-DG operational mechanism shall restore automatically after the pre-established reset time.



RF control


Aditionally to the single phase operation, the SIX-DG optional RF module can open simultaneously two or three phases of a line, avoiding damages for un-balanced faults, mainly in industrial circuits.


It allows wireless digital programming with the Delta Plus device (counts number, group code, actuating mode, pick-up currents by threshold or incremental, time interval for the incremental mode and reset time).
Individual or group RF code settings are available. For single pole tripping individual settings is recommended. Otherwise, coordinated three pole tripping requires group settings.


The digital electronic sectionalizer type allows a better protection coordination for permanent and temporary faults in comparison with traditional fuse cutouts, because it can count the associated recloser operations before its own aperture and it does not depend on time-current characteristics.












Maximum design voltage: The Digital ElectronicSectionalizer has an isolation class according to the system’s voltage where it will be installed.

Minimum actuating current in threshold mode: The SIX-DG pick-up current should be programmed in a range between the tripping current of the associated protection device and the circuit’s nominal current. Usually, the minimum actuating current is 80% of the tripping current of the associated protection device.


Minimum pick-up current and time interval in incremental mode: The pick-up current can be adjusted in a range between 5 and 200 A in 1A steps. In addition, the time interval in which the increment will be evaluated can be defined between 200 and 500 milliseconds.

Number of counts: The sectionalizer should be adjusted for at least one operation less than the up-stream associated protection device. setted from 1 to 4 counts.


Programming software and module.

The Delta Plus is a stand-alone handheld device to query and configure the SIX-DG via data port or RF wireless communication. It has a non-volatile memory, with enough capacity to store the query data from the devices on field and a real time clock to add the communication’s time-stamp.

The SIGMA-SIX software allows to query and configure the SIX-DG using a computer and download the data stored in the DeltaPlus.

 The SIX-DG improves the distribution reliability quality indicator  and reduces maintenance costs.